Keynote Speaker – Servant Leader – Trainer – Coach – Motivator – Believer

Kenneth Strong II is a GOD fearing Man and devoted Husband with a relentless passion to Inspire, Teach, and Motivate people to pursue excellence by becoming ELITE at your craft. This takes unconditional commitment and unwavering belief in YOUR dreams, because miraculous success doesn’t come knocking on your door. As a former decorated high school, collegiate, and pro athlete, Mr. Strong knows that the work ethic and mentality needed to elevate to each level is of utmost importance.

Most people have an ELITE work ethic within their respective sports and careers, but don’t know how to translate this into ALL areas of LIFE. There are reasons for this and solutions to this conundrum that can be found in this opus. As a Servant Leader, Coach, and Motivator, my ultimate goal is to change your way of thinking. Embrace the Challenge.