Award-winning author Erik Dean works include Garbage Man, Cryptic, Cruel and Unusual, Crueler and More Unusual. The Arizona native is a radiology technologist, who has over 25 years of experience in radiology. At times, Erik uses his medical knowledge, when writing his novels. In his spare time, Erik enjoys reading horror and action-adventure novels.

Additionally, he watches many different kinds of cinema, classics, horror, action adventure, and sci-fi. His favorite animal is a border collie. Erik strives to put into his novels, memorable characters and situations, that never have been done before. He wants to keep his readers guessing and not make his stories predictable.

In 2017, his novel “Cryptic” won first place “11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards” and “The New Apple Awards” in the horror category. in 2018, his novel Garbageman won the finalist IAN award for action-adventure and Cryptic won the finalist IAN award for horror.

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