Katherine Eddinger Smits is a direct descendant of Susannah Martin, who was tried and executed for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Perhaps that’s why Katherine is fascinated by everything supernatural. Either that, or it’s because some men insist she has “witchy” blood due to her ability to seemingly read their minds.

Katherine holds a master’s degree in social work. For 20 years, she assisted veterans and their families until she retired to pursue her writing obsession.

Now she brings clinical training and experience to her stories of witches, mermaids, mages, and magical creatures. Within the context of fantasy and romance, her novels explore real-life issues of self-acceptance, body image, relationship dynamics, fears, and phobias. Mystery, suspense, and a little sex add spice to her books.

Katherine and her husband divide their time between Florida and West Virginia. Their children and granddaughters live in Virginia.

In addition to writing fiction, Katherine blogs, spoils her beautiful horse, and clog dances.