Just write like your soul is on fire and the pencil is your voice screaming.

He has been called a natural storyteller, whose compelling thoughts are freed from the depths of the heart and the subconscious before being poured onto the page. Literature written beyond the realms of genre, he is known to grab readers kicking, screaming, laughing or crying and drag them into his novels.

To date he has over fifty articles/short stories and fifteen novels published. One, The Joining, top three finalist in the Canadian Book Club Awards in 2020, out of nearly two hundred entries. Another, The Lure, finished a quarter finalist in 2018 Screen Craft Cinematic Book Competition. Made top 36% of 106,000 Projects and top 24% of manuscripts entered. In 2000 my novel, Raven’s Lament, formerly Haida Windsongs, it made it to the Chapters Novel Contest semi-finals with 48/50 points. It also went to the last round of acceptance and lost out to the non-fiction version of the true story entitled, The Golden Spruce by John Valliant, by Harper press in 2004. One of my short stories, A Sun-catchers Tears was voted #1 by the readers in an anthology of three hundred entries.