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“I was a great reader of science fiction as a young person, but I began to wonder why the protagonist in a sci-fi or fantasy story was always a man, even when the writer was female. Where were the stories that presented a woman as the problem solver?

I was encouraged to write a story that was unique and built on my own struggles. I thought a sci-fi story with a girl as the protagonist might be fun. A real heroine cannot call on armies to follow her, or pay assassins for special work. She may have children already, so adventure is out of the question, and family must be secure before she can enter the public square where she has no voice.

So how does a story shape if the young hero must solve problems that girls experience in ways that females address problems? I could find no books that started with this premise, so I had to write some. And that was my first reason to write.”

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The Dolvia Saga


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our Love, Honor, & Hope charity event. I’ve joined your book club and I look forward to being a member!

    • Author Shout says:

      Linda, you are welcome. It’s been our honor and privilege to feature Love, Honor, and Hope. It’s going toward a great cause. We wish each and every author in that anthology all the best.

  2. Thanks for the Author of the Month feature for all my current titles including #fantasy #ebook SEVEN BEYOND. That a thrill to see the blurb and the links to purchase!

  3. Nice to connect with you Stella. I am passionate for fantasy,paranormal and folklore.

  4. jentheriot says:

    Thanks so much for featuring our anthology, Love Honor & Hope. This project is near and dear to our hearts and to see it up for cover of the week is icing on the cake….xxoo!

    • Author Shout says:


      You are welcome. Glad we could help this wonderful cause. We wish each of the amazing authors of this project all the best. We look forward to a continued working relationship and wish everyone ongoing success.

  5. Carol Smith says:

    Thanks so much for featuring Love, Honor & Hope.
    Appreciate your support for a great causes.

  6. nicholskathy says:

    Thanks for all your help and support!!!

  7. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for all of your amazing support for me and my fellow authors in the Love, Honor & Hope anthology! It has been an amazing project and your support helped make it a success!

  8. cherimem says:

    Thanks so much for your support. You are greatly appreciated.

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