Do you want your book(s) to stand out from all the rest and have continuous promotion of your book(s) for an entire year?  If you do, then this is the package for you.

Introducing, The Ultimate Author Package (12 Month Plan) for $199.

Here is what you will get for the next 12 months:

  • Book Promotion: For 12 months, we will promote a book of your choice every month (yes, you can rotate books every month or have the same book promoted the entire 12 months; it’s up to you) on all of our social media platforms, add it to our recommended reads page, and a feature spot in our “Shout Out” Newsletter.  This benefit will allow you the flexibility to change things up and rotate books every month or promote the same book; it’s your choice.
  • Book Teaser Video: You will get one (1) Book Teaser Video a month per book (if you have multiple books) that will be added to our YouTube channel, our website, shared across social media, and our newsletter.  You will also receive a copy of your book teaser video for your personal use.
  • Book Teaser Banners: You will get one (1) book cover mockup and two (2) teaser banners of your selected book(s) that we will share on social media.  Your book teasers can/will contain your book title/author name, blurb/one-liner, and where your book can be found, whether on Amazon or a link to your website. Yes, we will create new teasers for each book if you choose to rotate them out monthly.  You will also receive copies of your teaser banners for personal use.
  • FREE Book Days: If you are offering your book as a free download, we will not charge you anything additional to promote your FREE book days.  Just let us know the days your books will be free and we will add them to our schedule.
  • Kindle Countdown Deal:  If you are offering your book as a Kindle Countdown Deal. We will share it across social media, our website as a featured deal, and our newsletter at no additional cost.
  • Featured Author Interview:  You will get the opportunity to get interviewed by us. We will build you a custom made interview page and promote it across social media, our website, and newsletter.


Don’t miss your opportunity to gain visibility for your book(s) on our site, done for you videos and teaser banners, continuous promotion on our social media platforms, a featured author interview, and featured spots in our newsletter.

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