Will I really get unlimited edits until I am satisfied with the end result?

Yes. We want you to be happy with your cover and will make necessary adjustments to include changing the image (if you have one pre-selected you would rather prefer than the one we have on the cover), change the fonts, change the text, blurb, one-liners, and will add graphics you provide to include awards ribbons.

Are the images we have on our already provided pre-made covers royalty free?

Yes.  We are a member of SHUTTERSTOCK.COMGRAPHICSTOCK.COM and CANSTOCKPHOTO.COM and all images we use were downloaded from a subscription we have with them which included the license to use the images in our projects.

Can I use images of my choice in lieu of the image that’s already on the pre-made cover?

Yes.  If you have a specific image you would prefer on your cover that you own (royalty free image), we will edit the cover to integrate the image(s) you provide.  You can also search SHUTTERSTOCK.COM, GRAPHICSTOCK.COM and CANSTOCKPHOTO.COM to find an image(s) you would like us to download and use on your cover.

Will the cover really go away once it is purchased?

Yes. Once we sell a pre-made cover, we will take it down from our site and it will not be used again making it a completely unique cover that is all yours.  So, if you see a cover you like, we recommend you getting it before it goes away.

Can I reserve a cover since the covers will go away once purchased?

Yes, if you would like to reserve a cover before someone else gets it, we recommend getting it.  We will reserve your cover and edit it once you are ready to provide us with book details.  Please ensure that you really want this cover and are nearing ready to have it edited.  Although we will reserve it for you, we don’t want to hold onto it for a long period of time to avoid any issues.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please CONTACT US.  We will answer your question accordingly and add it here to our FAQ for others to review.