I fell in love with Pride & Prejudice when I read it in high school. Something about that time - the courtly manners of society, the clothing, and so many other things. Don't get me a wrong, I'm a modern girl and wouldn't last a day without my modern conveniences, but I can still fantasize about that time period.

My husband is my inspiration for Mr. Darcy & Colonel Fitzwilliam (when the good colonel appears in one of my books). My husband has the manners of Darcy but has been a military man like the colonel - so I got both in one man.

In 2019, I will be releasing 2 books - True Love Never Fails... and True Love Conquers All. Book one is a cliffhanger. Book two will release later this fall.

I will also be participating in a Christmas anthology releasing in the fall of 2019.

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