Ready to take your website, social media, and book(s) to the next level?

The Author Shout Consulting Package is the right choice for you.

With the Consulting Package, you will have the opportunity to talk 1 on 1 via Zoom Teleconference with our Director of Marketing.

Our Director of Marketing has:

• 30 years of web and business development experience

• 15 years of social media marketing experience

• 10 years of experience working directly with Amazon, USA Today, and New York Times Best Selling Authors

• 10 years of graphic design experience

• Multiple International Best Selling Books

• And a whole lot more . . .

During this video call, he will take a deep dive into your website, social media, and ALL of your books to make recommendations you can take immediate action on to make improvements that will result in you reaching your maximum potential.

You will be able to gain valuable insight to skyrocket your website, social media, and books to all new levels that will help you:

• Increase your web presence with a stunning website

• Increase your social media influence, impact, and opportunity for maximum growth that will generate new fans and readers

• Make small changes to your book(s) description that will greatly increase your chances of a reader taking a look inside or purchasing your book(s)

• Identify opportunities to change or modify information that goes into publishing a book that will greatly increase your chances of gaining visibility, desire to read your book(s), and increase sales opportunities

• Discuss a hidden secret not many Authors even know about or are taking advantage of to increase your visibility leading to potentially increased visibility and sales opportunities (this hidden secret is worth the price of the consult alone)

So, what are you waiting for?

Purchase the Author Shout Consulting Package right now and get ready to skyrocket your visibility, your influence, and your sales.

Once we receive notification of payment and your submitted details we will:

• Confirm your details

• Analyze your website, social media, Amazon Author Page, and all of your books

• Schedule a 1 on 1 Zoom Teleconference with our Director of Marketing to discuss recommendations for you to improve or increase your web presence and potential to make more book sales


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