Winona Rasheed BIO PIC Winona Rasheed was born in Troy Ohio on September 8, 1951. She is a Miami County Trojan and a Virgo according to the stars. Though she lives in the Nation’s Capital of Washington DC, she has a country gal feel to herself. Winona also known by the nicknames of Nona or Nonnie is very creative when it comes to writing and her creativity shows in her books for children.

Her author accomplishments include 10 published books of which, Broken Voices and A New Home for Her Cubs, published by New Line Press are among her list of titles for kids, tweens and teens.

Writing fiction started a long time ago, while in her teens, but success did not emerge until she was in her thirties when she stumbled upon a writing course, which when finished began to open up doors and opportunities in her writing career. Her dedication paid off leading her into the world of freelance writing. She also helps others write, edit and prepare their manuscripts for submission.

“In other words, Once you have the writing bug, there is no cure for it. You just have to let your pencil dance and your thoughts flow if you want to be healed.” Winona Rasheed

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