Texas native Thomas Fenske moved to North Carolina years ago to pursue a career in IT.  These days, he allows his combined hankering for Chicken-Fried Steak, Chili, Texas BBQ, and Tex-Mex food be one of the guiding forces in his writing life.  Although he has done many interesting things over his years in North Carolina, his memories of Texas are still vivid ... he drove endless farm-to-market highways and county roads in search of great local food ... he rode the back country looking for lost calves (well, once, anyway), and hiked the Guadalupe Mountains ... he rafted the rapids and still waters of the Rio Grande and suffered through waves of mosquitoes in The Big Thicket ... he endured the extremes of Texas weather, hurricanes, ice storms, hail, wind, and floods ... and, of course, he blistered in the heat of the long Texas summers and shivered through Blue 'Northers.

He'd like to say he was a product of the famed writing program at the University of Houston, but in fact that program came into being the year after he graduated. This is but one of dozens of similar "missed-it-by *that* much" coincidences that have been  recurring stories throughout his life ...

He and his lovely wife of thirty years currently share their home with nine cats and one ninety-something pound dog, all rescues.   Somehow, he manages to write amidst the chaos.

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