Theasa Tuohy BIO PICTheasa Tuohy was born in Oklahoma City, the daughter of a barnstorming female pilot who was a contemporary of Will Rogers and friend of Wiley Post, the first pilot to fly solo around the world. Her mother and namesake, Theasa Tuohy, first soloed in 1929 in a biplane powered by an OX-5, engine of the famed WWI era Curtiss “Jenny.”

During her lengthy career as a journalist, Theasa worked for five daily newspapers and for The Associated Press. She was the first female assistant city editor at The Detroit News, one of the country’s largest afternoon dailies at the time.

As a playwright, Theasa co-authored the book, or libretto, of Scandalous: The Musical, an award-winning show about the life of D. H. Lawrence, author of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” ”Women in Love” I’m working with Theasa Tuohy on promotion of her bookand “Sons and Lovers.”  Scandalous: The Musical just played to rave reviews in London.

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