Suzette Hinton BIO PIC¬†Businesswoman, Musician, Singer, Life Coach now Author, Suzette R. Hinton shares her journey from living in the background to knowing that her dreams really…do…matter. I asked myself one question: If I dropped dead today would I have any regrets. My answer was yes. I had not fully lived my life. I had lived what I thought was expected, what was right, what didn’t ruffle too many feathers, but I had not lived my life.

Refusing to let these voices hold her hostage any longer, she took a leap of faith, left her job, and started three businesses — all at the same time. Suzette knows what it’s like to appear confident but to be paralyzed with fear. To go for your dreams, run out of money, tuck your tail and run back to working a job you hate.

To be undervalued and underpaid. To push her dreams to the side, choosing to be unfulfilled rather than being broke. Learn how she tuned into the sound of her voice and allowed it to guide her to the sound of her life. A life bigger than what she dreamed of. For a free preview of her book, go to

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