I was born in Perth Western Australia and as a young adult grew up in the small country town of Tom Price situated in the outback of Western Australia. The summers were often sweltering, and I would spend my weekends with my friends swimming in the cool water of the gorges, trying to escape the heat. Whenever my family visited Perth, we would go to Scarborough beach. We would spend all day enjoying the surf and sand until hunger and sunburn forced us home.

As I grew to adulthood, I travelled extensively throughout Australia and grew to love the unique and diverse landscapes and animals of the country. Like Lexi and Hadley, we would often see kangaroos and other animals such as emus when we drove through the bush. My favourites Australian animals are Koalas and Quolls.

My current home is back in Perth with my husband, two teenage daughters and our black and white cat Abby.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Sports Science and have worked as a library assistant, personal trainer and barista. When I’m not working, writing, or being a mum, I love to travel to new places. I’m also a keen photographer and always end up taking way too many photographs.

My favourite genres are sci-fi and fantasy, and I particularly enjoy watching movies and reading books with dystopian style scenarios. Some of my favourite authors include John Marsden, Suzanne Collins, Anne Rice, Stephen Donaldson and of course J.K Rowling.

My first novel Seventeen, came about as I wanted to write a story for young adults that featured two sisters having to survive in a world, that was suddenly vastly different from one they had grown up in. One without adults or any rules. This was a scenario that my own two teenage daughters would often discuss and theorise about at the dinner table. I wanted to set the story in Australia, somewhere that is quite isolated and a unique setting for most dystopian stories.

I am currently writing a children’s book called The Pirate Princess and plan to write the sequel to Seventeen in the future.

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