Sonja Myburgh BIO PIC I started writing since I could remember. Possibly the oldest cliche ever, but in my case it is true. From a very young age I wrote essays, short stories and enjoyed reading. A lot.  At the risk of sounding like a nerd, which I probably am, I am a real bookworm! Instead of going shopping, I would curl up with a good book, or be in front of my laptop, writing.  I enjoy reading up about all things, which makes researching for new material relatively easy. I like controversial subjects like reincarnation and psychological topics. Anything unusual and out of the ordinary adds fuel to my proverbial fire!

Writing to me is like therapy, allowing me to express myself in words and then ultimately letting others read them!  I have an over-active imagination, and an over-active brain in general. I carry a notebook in my bag ALL the time, just in case…  I am a self-diagnosed coffee-addict with Dissociative Personality Disorder and I am totally proud of it!


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