I’m a huge fan of films and books created during the 1930s-50s, with their blend of sharp wit, humor, and dark suspense. That passion inspired me to write, Bait and Switch, a mystery/romance set in 1943 that came out through Touchpoint Press recently.
My novel features a sharp, witty, imaginative female lead who’s ripe for a little romance, even if it is mixed in with espionage, deception, and murder. Along the way, she’s helped as well as hindered by her sharp-tongued sister, an acerbic brother-in-in-law, her seemingly steady boyfriend, her wise-guy cat, and a mysterious stranger from England.
If you enjoy the strong female characters, humor, ingenious and tense plotting, romance, and vivid recreation of eras past in Susan Elia MacNeal’s WWII suspense novels, Kathryn Miller Haines’s Rosie Winter homefront mysteries, and Rhys Bowen’s Georgiana Rannoch series, I think this novel should be your cup of tea.
Now I’m especially excited that the sequel to Bait and Switch, Letter from a Dead Man, has been accepted by Touchpoint Press and will likely come out later in 2017!

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