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I used to hate my job like you do. 

But… after I figured out that anyone can build their own business on the Internet today, I graduated from “working for the man” to making money online on my own terms. 

I’m not a “get rich quick” jerk, I’m a “Click Millionaire” who works part-time, on projects I enjoy, and with no boss (except my lovely wife and kids, of course).

Being a Click Millionaire means that even if you don’t make a million dollars online, I’d like to help you find satisfying, ethical work you enjoy that allows you the flexibility, independence, and creativity to live more like a millionaire every day.

Now I run my family’s online businesses, coach lifestyle entrepreneurs worldwide from my home in beautiful southern California, and I donate the profits from my books to charity.

I also host the popular lifestyle entrepreneur and online marketing forum.

I hope you’ll come join me there for friendly, free personalized lifestyle business coaching that can help you learn to build your own legitimate niche business online.

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