S.R. Tooms BIO PICThe maniacal man of madness, the moonlit masterpiece, the merry melodist… and every other exaggerated superlative heaped upon his unbefitting, yet terribly endearing and modest mind.

Author by day, unapologetic dimwit at all hours, and megalomaniacal scribbler when the full moon rises. As a child, his school principal characterized him as a boy “complacently stupid and absurdly overweight.” Not much has changed since then.

S.R. Tooms graduated with honors from the esteemed, world renowned Picayune University. He holds a degree in idling, a master’s in procrastination, and is currently attempting to establish himself as a fulltime loafer. His spooky, entertaining works of fiction have been heralded around the web and even featured on a site or two – such as Creepypasta.com. He has also been known to utter an insightful thought now and then (his mother has always passionately denied this claim).

An irreverent author of the lowest order is Mr. Tooms. He lives his life according to a single maxim, “And remember children, the goofier your hair is the better you’ll write.”

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