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Rita Emmett, MS, is a Professional Speaker, a Consultant, and the Author of three books:
The Procrastinator’s Handbook: Mastering The Art Of Doing It Now
Recovering Procrastinator€, Rita offers not only sure-fire tips and techniques, but she also offers hope that procrastinators can convert. She is adamant that procrastination is NOT a personality flaw or a character trait, it is simply a habit. This book:  Sold over 100,000 copies in the first 14 months, and Landed Rita on The Today Show interviewed by Katie Couric Shows how a common kitchen gadget can get us started when we’ve been putting off something for ages Offers help to the “I Wanna Do It All” procrastinators Explores how a variety of fears (including Fear of Success) can immobilize us Received an award from Digital Palm Media as the top selling non-fiction e-book of 2001 (Stephen King was the top selling fiction e-book of the year).
The Procrastinating Child:A Handbook For Adults To Help Children Stop Putting Things Off
Was the first book published totally devoted to helping children stop procrastinating.  Includes true stories and strategies-that-work from some of the 673 people that Rita interviewed about children who procrastinate Helps parents learn how to work as a team with children to coach them out of the putting-off habit.  Teaches a simple, quick strategy to take the STING out of feeling overwhelmed Has been used as a fundraiser at grade and high schools and combined with the first book, is published in over 32 countries.
The Clutter-Busting Handbook:Clean It Up, Clear It Out, and Keep Your Life Clutter-Free
Recovered Pack Rat” Rita Emmett writes that we do not have clutter because we are messy, lazy or disorganized. Clutter comes from just 4 (yes, only 4) habits. Rita gives you a simple compassionate, energizing plan for breaking those habits, for taming clutter and simple tips to help you:
  • stop saving all those goofy things that you never need or use
  • stop bringing goofy things into your life that you never need or use
  • find places to put your stuff
  • stop setting things down and not putting them where they belong
  • cultivate new habits to keep clutter from returning
  • part with some of your beloved junk stuff, without breaking your heart or making you cry like a baby poodle
  • Once you’ve eliminated un-needed and un-used stuff, and set boundaries on what you allow to come into your home or work space, you will be delighted by how much easier it is to find places for your stuff. AND how much easier it is to find what you want when you want it.