Rev. Dr. S.M.DonosaRev. Dr. Donosa had the perfect family as a wife and mother of two. She was content and complete. But within a short amount of time she was divorced, trying to support her children on her own. To soften the pain of their absence when they were visiting their father, Rev. Dr. Donosa started spending time at the bar.  When this proved less than soothing, she turned to illicit drugs, which provided a greater numbness to her situation. A Mother’s Sacrifice: A Tribute to My Children portrays the destruction wrought by these substances and the tremendous struggle Rev. Dr. Donosa endured to overcome her grief and addictions the past seven years.  This heartfelt memoir will inspire you in your own journey. Identify the stages of grief and depression in your own life so you can work through them to overcome their power. A Mother’s Sacrifice thoughtfully speaks to a mother’s longing and the joy found through discovering a purpose in life.

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