Patrick Hall BIO PICPatrick Hall was born in the little, Swedish town of Mölndal as the youngest of three sons to Lena and Bertil Hallgren. He came to the world on November 13, 1992, which, incidentally, was a Friday.

Even as a young boy, Hall had an interest in the art of writing; he wanted to tell written tales. It has been a lifelong passion to write, but to do so professionally did not come into his mind until January 2012, when he began writing his debut novel, The Winds of Change. That first novel is the pinnacle of his short life and the one thing into which he has put his all. The Winds of Change is not only the first novel in The Long Lost Tales of the Dragonlands series, but a realization of Hall’s dreams.

Now that he is grown up, writing feels like the only logical thing for him; it is the one thing he can see himself doing for the rest of his life. And he has just gotten started. The Winds of Change may be his first novel, but it shall not be his last.

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