Nick Daniel

Nick is a full-time author, copywriter, journalist and publisher. He was born in Canada, educated in the U.K., and worked in 15 different countries before settling in California.
Today he’s writing direct mail sales copy for some of the biggest health clients in the world, including Agora Publishing, Dr. Sears (Primal Force) and the Healthy Back Institute.

Clients like these are giving him repeat business for one reason – because his copy is beating their controls, and selling more product.

Here’s what Jesse Cannone, co-founder of the Healthy Back Institute, had to say:

“Finding strong copywriters is a huge challenge…and often even the seasoned pros can’t beat your control. So I was VERY impressed when Nick beat a long-running control of ours. He’s great to work with and comes up with some excellent copy. I highly recommend him.”

Nick lives in Oakland, CA, with his wife Cecilia and their two dogs – Kafka and Borges.
Nick’s other passions are for off-road biking, hiking and running. When he’s not outdoors (or ‘working’) he’s probably reading a book, sitting on the balcony in the California sunshine. His favorite authors are Murakami, Sabato and Julio Cortazar.

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