nicholette campbellMy name is Nicholette Campbell and I’m the Young Adult Author of Soul Chaser. Soul Chaser is my debut short story and is available on Kindle and Print Format. Soul Chaser, Raven’s Journey was published September 2014, and I’m etremely thrilled to see all my hard work finally in print. Soul Chaser Book 2 is set to be released later this year.

I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing and have done both for many years. I tend to write emotionally challenging stories and I’m not afraid of controversial topics. I’d never want to offend anyone but I think all types of stories need to be told. Writing is a passion for me, whether someone reads my work or not, it’s my escape, a way of giving my imagination a voice. My characters tell their own story, I just write it down.

I believe in karma, confidence, compassion and living my life to the fullest. Be compassionate and confident living your life and when you fail, don’t be surprised when karma finds you.

I live in East Tennessee with my husband and children and very much enjoy everything the South has to offer.

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