Michael Linen

My name is Michael, but those who know me affectionately call me “Smoove”. I was born in New York City. Throughout my schooling, all of my English teachers would always tell me that I should pursue a career in writing. They said that I had a unique way of touching many feelings and emotions thru my writing. Of course, I tried to pursue everything but that. ­čÖé When I’m writing… Like a recording artist in front of a microphone, or a actor in front of the cameras, that becomes my stage and my platform to create and perform.

As to what to expect from me… There’s a intense passion and fire that burns inside of me when it comes to relationship, love, making love, and sex. So my future stories will range from intense love and romance stories for those who like it tame. And for those who like it steamy and spicy, you can checkout my erotic stories under the series title “A Quietstorm Erotic Tale”. [WARNING: While my erotic stories are very compelling, they are also sexually explicit.]

If I had to sum up myself in just a few sentences, I would say that I’m a pretty cool person to know. Always calm, cool, collected, peaceful, and love to have fun. Although I’m one who values my privacy, I’m a people’s person. I love diversity. I love meeting people from all walks of life. And when it comes to relationships, friendships, or business relations, there has to be what I call T. L. R. TRUST, LOYALTY, and RESPECT!!!

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