Melvin Luster BIO PIC Melvin T. Luster, JR., was born October 30, 1975, and was brought up in Knoxville, TN where he currently resides. He graduated from Knox Central in 1994 and went straight into the U.S Army where he served two years. He’s a huge Tennessee Volunteer fan and every year he says, “Tennessee will win the National Title”.He’s currently serving a ten year probation sentence for selling drugs, but has worked very diligently to change his lifestyle. He’s not only a man of many words, but he also believes that an action should always follow our words. He wrote “The Paths that Lie Ahead” for three reasons: #1- Hoping to inspire someone who has given up; #2- To show that every decision we make in life (good or bad) will always have a consequence; and #3- To show that we shouldn’t let our surroundings determine our destiny. Melvin’s mother is still alive, but his father past away in 2009.He has three beautiful sisters and is the proud father of eight children whom he loves very much. Their names are Mehki, Shara, Theandre, Dashanae, Briana, Jair, Angel, and Nassiah. He wants them to know that outside of Jesus Christ he couldn’t do anything without them.

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