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I enjoy a 19-year career in the field of sales where I work as a Regional Manager. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a Management specialization from Chancellor University, and later earned my Masters degree in Psychology from Capella University.  As a child, I wrote stories for my own personal reading and enjoyment. By the time I entered high school I shelved my stories to focus on other interests like singing, modeling and liturgical dancing.

In 2001, after losing my beloved aunt to cancer I found myself writing again as a way of healing. At that same time I pursued a degree in psychology with hopes of becoming a psychologist and helping others overcome their personal issues. A year later I completed a novel on my late aunt’s life and found the writing process to be therapeutic and enjoyable.  During my studies I realized there were a lot of emotionally damaged women still struggling with their childhood issues. This prompted me to write a series of four novels about four adult women falling in love while learning to heal from past traumatic situations. The series is called “Music from the Soul”. In May of 2012 I self published my first novel from the series called “When the Love is Gone”. I am optimistic that my stories will touch someone’s life and inspire them to choose a positive path to healing.

​​​I am a native of Cleveland, Ohio where I reside with my family. I love wearing high-heel shoes, giving hugs, playing “Just Dance” on Wii, taking pictures, attending music concerts and the theater and going to theme parks. I also enjoy traveling, reading, writing, listening and dancing to music, watching movies and spending time with family and close friends.

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