Mary Ann Barrucco BIO PICMary Ann Barrucco is a average, middle age, middle class Italian American womanborn and bred in Bensonhurst Brooklyn New York.  She guaduated Layafatte High School and two days later her mother passed away from pancreatic cancer.  A few months later Mary Ann met her husband Eddie.  After 3 years of dating they married.

Mary Ann had the wedding of her dreams and looked foward to her new life.After three years of a happy wonderful marriage Mary Ann noticed subtle changes in her husband. They always partied and drinking was a big part of her life.  But now Eddie was getting nasty and abusive.  He started coming home late from work because he was hitting the bars with his friends.His drinking addiction went spiraling out of control and he had no intention of stopping.  I felt so hopeless that it lead me to ALANON where I could learn to deal with disease.

My struggles continued until I found solace in gambling.  The candy store on my corner had slots machines in a back room and that became my heaven. I hid there day and night. I started to call in sick to my job because all I wanted to do was play.  Suddenly I hit rock botton.  I was in deep debt and nowhere to run.  I was going to kill myself. Then I found Gamblers Anonymous and it saved my life.

My husband continued drinking through everything until one day he got sick. We went to the doctor and he was told his a heart disease and needing a heart transplant or he would die. Now came another round of battles for survial.  Through the grace of God We came out of it all with ultimate truimph.

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