Martin Kaynan BIO PICMartin Kaynan’s career has been in the Corporate World and has encompassed owning his own manufacturing business and working in a diversity of responsible positions.  These have included Director of Manufacturing Services and V.P. of Manufacturing in small and medium sized companies, as well as Group Leader positions in large companies, including General Dynamics.

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, he has set up and managed several operations, which have included working and living in Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Kansas and California.  His education includes a BBA degree in Industrial Management with a minor in Foreign Trade, and post graduate courses in Creative Writing and The Keys to Effective Editing.

A member of the Kansas City Writers Group and the Playwrights Circle of Greater Kansas City, he is the author of OscarGate, Dante’s Eternity, Hell’s Blessing, Hell’s Vengeance (in process) The Drone Incident and several short stories.  Predators in the Workplace is a nonfiction account of his experiences in the world of Industrial Management.  The Right One is in print in Lone Star magazine. He is also the author of the movie script, The Drone Incident.  Additionally, he is a published lyricist with a catalog of over 60 songs.

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