Lisa Fantino BIO PIC Once upon a time, there was a little girl who couldn’t wait to tell the world her story.  Her parents bought her a typewriter and tape-recorder for her third Christmas and so it began.

NBC, CBS, 1010 WINS, WRKI and many more stations and networks all gave her air time.  She even produced her own celeb chat show along the way.  She gave mic with the best of them, chatting with everyone from Bon Jovi, Robert Plant and Bono to Walter Cronkite, Yogi Berra and several world leaders.

Her mother gave her wings, her father a foundation, and somewhere along the way, attorney-author Lisa Fantino traveled the world, losing her heart and soul in Italy and finding herself along the way. . .the result is “Amalfi Blue – lost and found in the south of Italy.”  It’s a book of passion, l’amore and lessons of life learned while living la vita bella in Italy.


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