Leontine Van Hooft BIO PIC I have worked as an independent consultant, interim manager, management coach, trainer and (intercultural) mediator. As my experience was pilling up I decided to compliment it with a university degree. I did a master in Governance Anthropology at University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. This course gave me more depth about the functioning of organizational cultures.

With my passion and curiosity about other cultures I visit Africa and I discovered that Africa is full of life and love which the west doesn’t talk about. With the goal to change this mindset, I and a partner we formed an organization called GreenDreamCompany.

The company focuses on tourist area developments in emerging African markets. In 2011 I received an Award: Woman entrepreneur of the Year 2011. Furthermore I wrote a book called “The Power of African Thinking”, which is about African leadership and it is full of my personal experience in doing business.

I also give Lectures and Coaching to various target groups around the world. I am a board member of NABC (Netherlands African Business Counsel) and UVON (Federation of Business Women).

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