Leann BeckI am a very blessed wife and mother who is privileged to teach guitar, write, and work with special needs individuals now that our children are young adults. In addition to family and friends, things that make life wonderful are horses, books, music, history, and anything near or on the ocean. When Sam Set Sail is my first published work and was inspired by and written for our children when they were young. They still recite stanzas verbatim on occasion and seem to appreciate a deeper meaning now that they’re older.  The decision to publish this story without illustrations, allowing the reader or loved ones to “mark up the journal” with their interpretations of the text, was a difficult one. But the reaction of readers after turning that last page, led me to imagine a book that remains open to every possibility. I hope children will be encouraged to illustrate their version of the adventure and that it will be enjoyed and shared for years to come.

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