Kevin E. Hatt BIO PICI am currently a registered anaesthetic and recovery practitioner. I trained in the mid-eighties, but left the profession for nine years to become an art consultant, teacher and demonstrator. I returned to the medical profession in 2009.

My love of writing began at school, but was lost until I hit my early twenties, when I was inspired by the Lovejoy narratives by Jonathan Gash. I wrote two narratives, but abandoned the project for other interests. Five years ago, I recommenced writing and set about bringing the stories up to date. I then wrote fifteen more, plus three of another series.

In two minds as to whether I should approach a publisher, I decided to self-publish, an released the first Haszard narrative earlier this year. Since then, the second has been released, with the third to follow soon. Having received an excellent review, I am now looking to push on.

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