Keva Robinson BIO PIC  I am a new and amazing author who has released my first project entitled ” The Quiet Rage” which is a memoir of events that occurred in my life for a span of 22 years that has brought me to my present! It includes gripping first hand accounts of sexual advances from Spiritual Leadership, Physical and mental abuse in marriage, rape in my childhood which evoked promiscuous ways of living!

It is a MUST READ. I am currently residing in the State of Georgia due to Multiple Sclerosis that I was diagnosed with in 2007. It has become my passion to not just be an Every Sunday Pastor but also to be a Woman who has Survived Hurt and is Willing to help as many Women as I can Survive Hurt too! I am currently writing my sophmore book, Don’t Tell!

The accounts of a First Lady married to a Abusive Cheating Husband and because of her Faith In God she stays! Besides my Writing, I have launched my God’s DIVA T-Shirt line.. Keva Robinson aims to speak to the Female Majority as a person of experience but also reveal to them the secret to turning rage into rejoicing! I urge you to place her as one of your features guest….. She is available for last minute Interviews and replacing a guest who couldn’t make it. This surely is what the World is waiting for an author who reveals all but has the answer to a problem and not just an airless suggestion of opinion.

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