Karl Jones BIO PICAlthough he’s travelled the world, and seen much of life, Jones prefers to be sat in the quiet of his home with his laptop, writing.  His fictions are set in places which mirror his homeland, and much of his inspiration is drawn from his surroundings. Karl draws on his teen years in Bournemouth, with its quiet village-like suburbs, and bustling town centre, and he uses these settings to bring his books to life.

His thrillers stem from the darkest depths of his mind, however, his tales of space stretch further than your imagination can take you, and you find yourself spiralling out of control into the imaginary universes he creates as you turn the pages faster than warp-speed in order to delve further into his story.

With a bibliography which spans many genres, including amongst them thrillers and romances as well as tales of the paranormal, you’re never going to be short on choice for reading material, because never sleeping, Karl writes from dusk ’til dawn, and occasionally even through ’til morn’ to bring his eager readers the latest instalments from his sought-after, bestselling stories.

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