Karen Brueggeman BIO PIC Karen Brueggeman (www.FriendlyFruzzles.com)  is the author of Fruzzle’s Mystery Talent. Karen was born in Chicago, Illinois and has always had a love of writing. From a young age, Karen would write short stories and monologues.

Karen worked as a success coach for many years, but always found herself going back to writing. She fell in love with kid’s books that not only entertained the child, but also gave a positive message, so she began to write.  Karen is in the process of working on a whole series that involve the Fruzzles and other positive messages. Briana Paddock-Brueggeman is the co-author of Fruzzle’s Mystery Talent.

At just 4 years old, Briana started writing short stories and collaborated with her mom for this story at the age of 10.  Briana always had a love and flare for writing and has already won several writing awards within her community. Her goal is to sell enough books, so that we can provide school libraries a paperback copy.

She wants to make sure that every child realizes that they are special in their own way. A percentage of each book goes toward that fund. This book was written when Briana noticed that one of her friends was depressed because the friend felt she wasn’t good at anything. With the help of Briana, she discovered that she indeed did have many different talents and this book was born.

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