Juanima Hiatt lives in Oregon with her husband, Michael, and two daughters, Lacey and Jordan. She grew up in Banks, Oregon, and will forever be a country girl at heart.

Living with PTSD since 2003 has given her a deep appreciation for life – even when it’s hard – and a greater compassion for the hurting.

She says, “We were never meant to walk this Earth alone, and it’s a sad state indeed for us to be so busy worrying about ourselves, and getting our own way, that we become blind to – or even worse, care very little about – the needs around us. Every human being needs love. We ALL want to feel loved and accepted. I believe the best way to achieve that is to give it freely. It’s amazing how quickly it returns. We all live, breathe, and suffer the human condition, and we need God and each other to get through it alive.”

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