John Peaker BIO PICJohn Peaker, MD at J Peaker Sales Limited, is an inside sales professional with over 30 years sales and marketing experience. He has achieved unprecedented success as a business-to-business sales coordinator.

In 1988, John founded J.Peaker Sales Limited. The company’s primary focus is to provide telemarketing support for companies that want to increase their sales volume levels. Clients include companies involved in sales training, advertising, telemarketing, material handling equipment & other service related industries.

John has also conducted seminars with The Canadian Professional Sales Association and a number of its member companies.

John is a published author. In 1988, he penned the title, “The Complete Guide to Cross Country Skiing In Canada” published by Doubleday. One of John’s most recent titles, “The Call Wizard,” is a masterclass and a proven valuable teaching resource on professional telemarketing skills for any business or individual.

John has served as a featured columnist with Ski Trax magazine, North America’s Ski Mag & is an Honors Graduate in non-fiction writing from the National Radio Institute in Washington, D.C.

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