Jessie Tyson BIO PIC Jessie B Tyson was born at Scalegill Place near Moor Row, a tiny village between the coast and the mountains in north west Cumbria, England. In what year? She’s a senior and will not divulge that. A ladies prerogative but she will be collecting a pension in a few years (grin.) She moved to Canada in the year 2000 where she wrote her debut for adults, WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN.Jessie wrote children’s and fantasy stories as a teenager. When she matured she moved on to writing adult stories. Jessie considers herself as a Spiritual Christian, who believes in the Power of God but that doesn’t stop her writing paranormal fiction with ghosts and demons! 😀 Jessie has a wonderful sense of humour, and loves to laugh and tease. She has a generous spirit and will help anyone in need. She has an affinity with animals, especially dogs, cats, horses and dolphins. Jessie abhors all forms of cruelty to any living breathing creature.

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