From bookworm to book writer! Jeanette Taylor Ford can’t claim to any fame whatsoever – no prizes, nor published in any magazines etc. She is a retired Teaching Assistant, who started writing when trying to get her pupils to use their imagination became too much like trying to squeeze blood from a stone! She started with poems and short stories, then graduated on to trying her hand with a book – the ‘bug’ got her and now she can’t stop.

She doesn’t write in a particular genre but many of her books have a ghostly, shivery twist but not horror. She deals with relationships and emotions very well and her stories will often touch the reader’s heart. Some of her books are best for young adults and teenagers but can be enjoyed by all. She has also ventured into writing for children and is now writing the second of her fantasy stories about a young boy with a magic ring (yes, the magic ring thing has been done, but this is vastly different to J.R.R.T)

Jeanette lives in a village between Nottingham and Derby, England, in a bungalow with a beautiful garden, lovingly tended by her husband Tony, a retired teacher and headmaster. They have six children, seven grandchildren and two sweet little great-grandchildren – oh and two cats.

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