J Glen Percy BIO PIC J Glen Percy is a product development engineer in the bio-medical field who lives, works, and plays in the greater Kansas City area. Born and raised in Casper, Wyoming, upon graduating high school, he promptly left home in pursuit of future opportunities. Years of hard work and perseverance at the University of Kansas were rewarded with a distinguished degree in aerospace engineering and a position with the Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington.

A lifelong devotee to tireless critiquing and ceaseless improvement, engineering proved to be a good fit. His current career position in an industry outside of aerospace, and Midwest location, stem from the desire to relocate closer to family. Wanting to improve upon himself by rounding out his knowledge and interests, he set out on a personal journey to prove that a left brain, logic driven, perfectionist had it in himself to be a creative, emotional, and imagination driven, perfectionist as well. Why choose one side or the other when you can have both?

This journey has manifest itself through his love of writing. J Glen Percy believes in hard work, optimism, perseverance, and accountability, and knows that taking yourself lightly has plenty of rewards of its own.


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