Elizabeth Adeniyi BIO PIC Elizabeth  grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and  lives with her husband and sons. An avid reader and a deep thinker who has the gift to see gold in the most terrible of life experiences and turn it into a message.She writes about real life experiences in a fiction story form. She was trained and had practiced as a stockbroker/Investment adviser for a number of years, but creates the time to write especially in the night period. According to Elizabeth, she believes that writing is a gift as she sometimes wakes up from sleep to pen down words that had gathered in her head, which  otherwise  would have been lost.

During her growing up years, she discovered that writing about her personal struggles assuaged her raging emotions; as a result she has been able to build up a huge archive of memoirs and articles which has grown over time. Her stories are inspired from her environment, life experiences of others, scenes from the past and personal experiences. She reads books on Christian fiction; health and diet, suspense, speculation and other genres that catch her fancy, but nothing profane.

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