Dr. Edward Aronoff BIO PICDr. Aronoff is the author of 2 bestselling books on food related causes of obesity, Illness and health.
Born in New York Dr. Aronoff went to Iowa to further his education. Graduating from college, Cum Laude, he then went on to graduate school.

After 30 years of practicing in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, in 1998 Dr. Aronoff turned to writing. His first book was the recipient of a prestigious award and he has been writing ever since.

His latest health book, Toxic Food/Healthy Food has garnered kudos from all over the world, and is now his leading seller in his entire library of health and history books. Not satisfied with standing on past laurels Dr. Aronoff has just written a companion book to Toxic Food/Healthy Food, entitled, Last Chance.

He has ten grandchildren and now shares time in Florida and the mountains of North Carolina with his wife Réka.

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