Dorinda Balchin BIO PIC Dorinda Balchin was born in England and spent many years teaching Religion and Ethics in schools in the West Midlands and Oxfordshire. She was one of the early proponents of using the internet to link projects with American schools and was consulted on a number of integrated web-based projects for students.

In 2008 Dorinda, along with her husband, moved to India to run a guesthouse which gave her more time to indulge her passion for writing, resulting in the publication of ‘Heronfield‘ at the end of 2012. Dorinda plans to publish ‘The Guardians’ in 2013 and is already working on her third novel. Dorinda has a passion for fencing and horse-riding as well as archery, which gives the impression that she was born into the wrong century!

When not riding, swimming, walking or practicing tai chi Dorinda loves nothing more than losing herself in a good book.


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