David Perlmutter BIO PICDavid P Perlmutter is a full time writer and a father of four, currently living in the South West of England. After working in the property business for over twenty years, David decided to leave the UK in 2008 and live the dream overseas, moving firstly to Portugal and then to Madeira. Whilst in Portugal David fulfilled a lifelong ambition by becoming a radio presenter for a British newspaper, broadcasting live three times per week. He also dipped his toes into the blogging world, writing about a rather harrowing time he spent in Spain in the early 90s.

Updating the blog on a regular basis became therapeutic for David and it was his intention to carry on doing so. However, when he was contacted by a friend and Editor, Elaine Denning, who urged him to put his blog entries into book format, Wrong Place Wrong Time was born. The book was completed within two years, and after its completion and success – and with the writing bug now in his blood – David published a second book: ‘My Way’. Intended as a mini-bible for struggling authors, it follows his journey from being an unknown author to topping the American Amazon charts.

Unfortunately dreams sometimes come to an end and in 2012, after five wonderful years of residing by the beautiful beaches of the Algarve and Madeira, David returned to the UK. You’re now likely to find him spending time with his children, writing his new novel in local cafes (with his head down and oblivious to the world around him), or indulging in his other passions: reading, sport, music and films. When he’s not doing that, you’ll find him with his head in the clouds and having intimate conversations with characters who are hell-bent on getting a piece of the action.

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