David King was born in Plaistow,London in 1971. He now lives with his family near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire.

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Book Description

If you like stories with a horror/supernatural theme then you will love this collection!

Nightmares & Angels is an anthology of nine of David King’s previously published short stories – All available now in one superb volume!

Within these nine stories, there are tales that feature: a demon who possesses a young boy, a mirror that contains a dark shadow, a ghost that terrorises a man and his wife, a mother and son that have weird statues in their garden and other stories of the supernatural.
So, let David King take you on a journey to face your fears and hope you make it to the other side…

The stories featured are:
‘Statuesque’, ‘Journal’, ‘Darren’s New Friend’ (previously published as ‘Trinity’)
‘Vampire Park’
‘Noises Off’
‘Vanity Mirror’ (previously published in ‘A Dark Duo’)
‘When Morning Comes’
‘Visiting Time’ (previously published in ‘A Dark Duo’)

So, if you’re a fan of vampire, ghost or demon stories then scroll back up and buy your copy now!

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