Cora Clifford BIO PIC  Cora Clifford is a Christian and her books and films contain Christian themes such as facing life’s difficulties, forgiveness, learning about the truth, and asking God for help when trouble happens. The book “God and the Coyote” is a literary fiction novel about a young, naive Christian woman named Sarah.

Sarah is surrounded by complicated characters such as Belinda, Gary, and others. God has blessed Cora to make animated films based on different subplots of the series “God and the Coyote.” “God and the Coyote (Sarah is a Coyote)” is the first book in series.

Cora Clifford was born in the United States in 1984. She was raised in the Southwest and began attending church at a young age. She has been working in illustration and art since she was a teenager. She did not begin animating films until her mid twenties.

Cora loves animals and donates to animal charities. Currently, she is earning a Master’s in Education.

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