Claude NougatEconomist, journalist, writer, painter, poet. Born in a Belgian diplomatic family, brought up on three continents (Africa, Europe and America), Claude graduated from Columbia University (school of Economics). In 1979, she started a 25 year career in the United Nations (at FAO, a technical agency operating in the rural sector) that culminated in the position of Regional Representative in charge of Europe and Central Asia.

Retired in 2004, she published books in several genres and contributed to a poetry anthology. Her latest novel, Gateway to Forever, is a daring foray into speculative fiction, imagining the fate of mankind 200 years from now. Currently she is a delegate for the Order of Malta at the Rome-based UN agencies and a Senior Editor at Impakter magazine. She is at work on a book about the United Nations and the follow-up to Gateway to Forever. She is married and lives in Rome.


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