Chris M. SpragueEmpowering, impressive, passionate, powerful and inspirational are a few words that have been used to describe Chris. As a motivational teacher, coach and mentor, his goal is to inspire and motivate you to master  your mindset so you can be the best you can be.  His clients  include business owners and entrepreneurs along with individuals and  companies in the areas of sales, human resources, relationship  marketing, information technology and health & fitness.  His life experience, knowledge, and passion for achievement allow him to  create for you a compelling and empowering seminar or retreat and an  engaging one-on-one and group coaching environment.  Engage with Chris  and you will have an event and an experience like no other.  He brings  passion and energy into the room with enthusiasm for and knowledge of  the mind, leadership, effectively connecting with people, body language  and other subjects key to helping you break through barriers and achieve your goals.

Combining humor, stories and content to entertain  and educate audiences, he will equip you with the tools necessary to  master your mindset and drive lasting improvements that create greater  success in today’s challenging environment. He speaks and listens from  the heart and cares at a very deep level about people he connects with  which allows him to add value to you that will last a lifetime.  Chris says, Two of the biggest keys to eliminating barriers and mastering  your mindset are to intentionally grow and to be constantly learning.  These are things that I live and breathe on a daily basis.  Because my  mission is to be a river and not a reservoir, working together, you will benefit from my constant and never-ending thirst for knowledge by  receiving the latest and greatest tips and techniques along with tried  and true methods to enhance your abilities, eliminate barriers and to  master your mind set.  Here is what Carla Andrews, President, Signature Living, Inc. ( said about Chris, Chris M. Sprague is an emerging thinker among the  art and science of building successful businesses. He can help you  discover the leadership principles needed to help you believe in your  ability to reach your potential and goals. As Chris helps you to commit  to your long term goals, he knows how to handle difficult and  challenging situations and lead you to appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Chris M. Sprague is THE coach, speaker, and teacher  for your personal and business needs.

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