Cheryl Matthynssens BIO PIC I am Cheryl and go by Cheri. I am a.. never mind my age.. older woman with grand-kids. However, my heart is forever young and I hope I never grow up. I was born in Upland, CA. I have four wonderful children and three beautiful grandchildren. I started adult life as a mother. I went back to school and got my teaching degree. Between teaching positions, I ended up working in a prison on the coast of Washington State. This led to gaining credentials and a license to be an addictions counselor. It turned out to be the job I love as I get to reach out to others and share my hope and experience with them.

Despite this definite career path, I have always been a writer. I have been an avid reader of all things fantasy and science fiction. I have been a GM for dungeons and dragons for 25 years. Yes, I played when the original books came paperback in a little red box. And now… I have dated myself!

I love the fantasy world because it taps into the creative mind. I have always been one who could visualize what I read and so fantasy became a colorful escape to lands of mystical beasts, fantastic quests and where the hero really does save the day. Since becoming a more mature reader and writer, I have found writing can be an avenue to learning and teaching while still enjoying that creative mindscape. I have worked in a world where the hero doesn’t always win and sometimes beloved characters fall and don’t get back up.

From these experiences of reading, role playing and writing, the world of Vesta came to life. Vesta has it’s own map, weather and history. It is filled with its own races, beasts and unique attributes. Because I have developed my own world, I found I was not limited by Tolkien views of elves and dragons. I could expand on the magic of dragons and mystic powers. Many artists, writers and other role players have contributed to make Vesta what it is when I finally put pen to paper. Welcome.. and I hope you enjoy my unique world of fantasy novels and children’s books.

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