Charlie Mellor BIO PIC Charlie Mellor was born in Lancashire in the UK, loves spicy fajitas, stand-up comedy and vinyl. A recovering catholic, he now lives in Lincolnshire with his wife and four children. Prior to his current job in training and development, he worked in the publishing industry, designing headlines for regional newspapers.

He would like it known that he no longer sees Pennie Fenton. She is not welcome at his house or in the general proximity of anyone he cares about. Because of her legacy, he has reluctantly been forced to change the names and details of many people in this book – in order to place them outside Pennie Fenton’s circle of influence.

While it has taken Charlie until now to build up sufficient courage to admit to others that he knew her well; he can appreciate that many of his friends remain incredibly uncomfortable with such a declaration. He understands that for some, the cost of such a disclosure, would, even in these enlightened times, be far too great.

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